We are a perfectly formed Software Development Company Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We have been sailing our boat in the world of Software Development since 2010. And for being a successful company in this voyage, we started our journey as app developer from 2012.

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We simply want to make sure your brand is getting the nourishment it needs and that my service is providing the best bang for your buck. Your business growth is out top priority.

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A passionate team of inventive creatives who can craft great things

  • Testimonial

    Jabir Ahmad

    Chief Technical Officer

    "Every new challenge makes me better at what I do"

    Jabir Ahmad was born on June 23, 1989, in Dhaka. After finishing BSC in CSE from Eastern University he is now Chief Technical Officer in Spirtus.

  • Testimonial

    Abdus Salam Diep

    Senior Manager

    "Sometimes the best way is the hard way"

    Worked as Manager of the IT & MIS department of Kazal brothers publications from 2012-2015. In this period, I’ve successfully carried all tasks and responsibilities as a Manager.

  • Testimonial

    Farjana Ahmed

    Senior Developer

    "Planing is the first step to the perfaction"

    Senior Developer of Spirtus

  • Testimonial

    MD. Mahabub Hassan

    Senior Developer

    "Planing is the first step to the perfaction"

    MD. Mahabub Hassan is Senior Developer in Spirtus

  • Testimonial

    Quazi Saniyat


    "I come from a family of creative entrepreneurs"

    Designer at spirtus.com

  • Testimonial

    Sojon Chambugong


    "Hard work is the key to success."

    Developer at Spirtus

  • Testimonial

    Maruful Haque


    About Maruful Haque

    Developer at Spirtus

Pixels Pushed

Coffees Consumed

Wide-Grip Pushups

Hours Worked

  • Testimonial

    Kamyar Alexander Katiraie


    They goes above and beyond to do an excellent job. This is the third time I am hiring Spirtus.They have done an excellent job each time. His technical skills are absolute and they works hard.They have shown creativity, and is a self starter. They have entrepreneurial skills. I recommend there creative services to anyone who is looking to finish the project on time and with excellent results.

  • Testimonial

    Trude Helberg

    Sirius 8 Invest, CEO

    Excellent skills, positive and professional attitude. A dream team to work with. We will definitely use team again.

  • Testimonial

    Rolf Helberg jr

    Underground Villas , CEO

    It was a pleasure to work with Spirtus. Experienced, Expert Coder, with Great Communication and English. Highly recommended.